A Suicide Squad Lesson on Gaining Muscle


Take a filthy group of supervillains, focus their odd and sadistic skills, and throw them on a mission to die.

Kinda sounds like my gym life.

I can practically HEAR your eyebrows raising right now.

Well, I may not be able to shoot a gun, or whip a boomerang very well, but the Suicide Squad has a real underdog story about fighting a hopeless fight.

And I’m betting you or someone just like you is feeling this way, right now, about your body transformation.

You might feel like there’s no hope. You might feel like you have no allies. You also feel like you can’t come back from previous mistakes.

Well, I’d like to share an important lesson about building muscle that I think the Suicide Squad really makes the best example.

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What You’re About to Learn

  • How the story of the Suicide Squad can show you that “it’s never over ’til it’s over”
  • Why previous fitness failures can feel like it’s completely hopeless (and how to move past it)
  • The REAL techniques that you need to focus on to finally make progress

The Suicide Squad Has a Gritty Back Story

The story behind the Suicide Squad tells of a group of “bad guys” who were caught one-by-one by an intelligence agency under the command of Amanda Waller.

Apparently, Amanda Waller is a really cold-hearted bitch, not only in the popular Arrow series, but in the comics as well (even more so – so I hear).


There’s a major threat to the agency, so Waller decides to strap a bunch of guns on this group of incarcerated supervillains and let’em loose.

They understand they’re on a mission, and under these circumstances they believe their chances of actually returning alive are… zero %.

I mean, I haven’t seen the movie yet (and I’m not too familiar with the Deadshot comics), but I’m really excited to in the next few days considering it has an awesome cast including:

  • Will Smith as Deadshot
  • Jared Leto as the Joker
  • Jai Courtney as Captain Boomerang
  • Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn

There are 5 Simple Steps to Build Muscle. Everyone knows #1, but the rest can mean the difference between average and awesome.

So, How Do You and I Fit into the Scuicide Squad?

When you really think about it, this “suicidal squad” is really a story about redemption.

It’s about a group of screw-ups, who failed their previous missions (i.e., causing chaos, stealing, gaining power, etc.) and giving them a second chance.

Now, this really rings true to me because I spun my wheels in the gym for YEARS and saw almost no improvements in my body.

I thought I was doing all the right things, but nothing was changing.

Now, I know I’m not the only one and you might be in the same boat.

Maybe you’ve been going to the gym, keeping a good schedule, following somewhat of a routine, and trying to eat healthy.

However, after all of your hard work is done… your body may not be changing.

Mine didn’t and because of this, I knew that I had to “recycle” myself and try something different.

It was at this point that I started doing heavy research on diets, workout routines, cardio regimes, supplements, and all those other buzzwords associated with building muscle.

And after all of it, I finally put my knowledge to work and got my shit together.

Six months later, I had seen more progress and more dramatic changes in my body than I had over the last 7-8 years.

At the same time, I felt super embarrassed of my previous progress, but also extremely proud of what I had finally accomplished.

Scuicide Squad Captain Boomerang

How to Change Your Focus to Rise Again as a Muscle-Building Badass

Just like the Scuicide Squad and their mission to essentially be sort of like “the good guys,” you need to take your skills and focus them on what actually matters.

This might mean going back to the basics and reducing all the buzzwords and unnecessary shit to the REAL stuff that leads to muscle gains.

What are these things?

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1. Following a Strength Training Program

Pick something that’s proven to work on new lifters like Starting Strength, Greyskull LP, or StrongLifts.

No more of this wandering into the gym and aimlessly picking things up. That just keeps the wheels spinning with no progress.

2. Figuring Out and Eat the Right Amount of Calories

I hate to say this, but it isn’t enough to just “make healthy choices.” That’s not how to make a really impressive, muscular body.

Instead, figure out your maintenance calories and adjust after a couple weeks of tracking based on your goals.

3. Set Up Your Macro Nutrients to Build Muscle

It’s not enough to just follow steps 1 and 2 by themselves either. Your macros gotta be on point as well.

This means, eating high protein, moderate fats, and filling the rest with carbs.

4. Creating Powerful Habits So Failure isn’t an Option

What’s the point of doing all of this if you don’t turn it into a habit. This is one thing that most fitness experts don’t preach enough.

I actually have some training on making unbreakable fitness habits (it’s free) that fixes this situation.

Scuicide Squad Deadshot Harley Quinn

Don’t Blow Your Second Chance

Even though it’s a fictional situation, if Deadshot, Harley Quinn, and Captain Boomerang can band together to act like a team after being notorious villains…

you and I can both make great comebacks too.

(And no one has to die doing it)

To your gains,


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