5 Pillars of Building Muscle Pt 4 – Rest and Recovery

Noob Gains Biceps

Noob Gains Biceps

Have you read some of the shit posted on public fitness forums lately?

I try to avoid them if I can because “online bodybuilders” love to flex their egos and see who they can brand as the biggest wuss when it comes to muscle growth.

Guy #1: “Yea, I’ve been hitting the gym 5 days a week. I think it really shows my dedication to the iron struggle we all face.”

Guy #2: “I do 6 days. I think it’s great that you’re not all OCD like me and don’t have a problem abandoning your gains.”

Guy #3: “Yea, I do all 7. I get some pretty sore muscles, but I don’t give the weights time to rest! Hurr hurr hurr!!!”

Ironically, these keyboard warriors don’t realize that as a noob, understanding rest and workout recovery could mean the difference between being a body blob or being an Adonis.

So, the question is… are you recovering correctly for optimal muscle gains?

Listen to the latest episode of the Noob Gains podcast where I continue the series “The 5 Pillars of Building Muscle” and give you the honest truth about why not allowing your body to recover could mean being weak forever.

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In this episode of the Noob Gains podcast, I discuss:

  • Why adequate rest between exercise sets can affect your performance
  • A training hack to actually reduce your overall training time
  • How much time you should be giving your body to recover between workout sessions even if you don’t have muscle soreness
  • And other awesome stuff…


What’s Your Opinion?

Are you giving your muscles enough time to recover?

Are you sick of listening to ignorant gym bros tear down anybody that takes a day off from the gym?

Leave a comment below and tell me what you think!

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5 Pillars of Building Muscle Pt 3 – Macros

What to eat to build muscleI used to eat sandwiches consisting of a cheeseburger patty between two pizza slices. Guess what? Muscle-building was hard!

There was a time when I thought that I knew better than most personal trainers and dietitians, what eating to build muscle was all about.

So, I trained heavy, ate a lot of calories, and… ignored all the rest.

Spoiler! …I was wrong.

Imagine that? The quality of the food is just as important as the quantity?

Contrary to popular opinion, you can’t eat whatever you want and get the lean, muscular look that you crave. You gotta dance the dance and eat the eats.

However, you might be surprised to know what to eat to build muscle isn’t as restrictive as you think. Can you actually have your cake and eat it too? Check out the latest Noob Gains podcast episode to find out.

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In this episode of the Noob Gains podcast, I discuss:

  • How to give your body the right kind of fuel for building muscle
  • The three macronutrients you need to consume
  • Why tracking accuracy can be a blessing and a curse


What’s Your Current Diet Goal?

Leave a comment below and tell me what your current diet goal is and if you’re so ambitious, tell me how you plan to set your macros to meet that goal.

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5 Pillars of Building Muscle Pt 2 – Calories

How Many Calories to Build Muscle

How Many Calories to Build MuscleIn a muscle building diet plan, one of the most crucial aspects is setting your daily calorie intake.

Screw this up and you could be on your way to becoming a shredded skeleton or a live-action Pillsbury doughboy.

Over and over again I see beginners thinking that they can get shredded and muscular while completely ignoring their calorie counts.

That sounds a lot like me to be honest.

I used to come home from work, ready to eat “big”, in hopes that I would be gaining sooo much size and strength.

In reality, I wasn’t counting calories and this cost me years of progress and I didn’t hardly gain a pound of anything!

Now I share what’s actually working when it comes to calories and building muscle.

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In this episode of the Noob Gains podcast (the second part of the “5 Pillars of Building Muscle” series), I’ll set the record straight on how taking control of your calories as part of a lean muscle diet will get you that lean muscular look you crave. I’ll also cover…

  • How calories actually affect your ability to build muscle.
  • Why accurate track is the SECRET to long-term success.
  • The most important calorie measurement you should know.
  • How to match your calories with your fitness goals.
  • The biggest mistake noobs make when setting calorie requirements.

Here’s What You Need to Do

After you listen to the episode, leave a comment below telling me two things:

  1. What’s your current fitness goal? – Tell me if you’re trying to gain weight, lose weight, or love your current curves.
  2. Let me know how you plan to structure your calories to meet your goal.

Thanks again for listening… noob!


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5 Pillars of Muscle Building Pt 1 – Training

Beginner WeightLifting Routine

Beginner WeightLifting Routine

Are you completely clueless about how to train to build muscle?

Do you feel like you’ve been making zero progress lifting random weights in the gym?

In the first episode of the Noob Gains podcast, I explain what makes a novice muscle building program effective in comparison to other useless forms of weight training.


In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Why refusing to follow a program could be the biggest mistake you make
  • The difference between beginner, intermediate, and advanced programs and why training for your fitness level makes the fastest progress
  • Some of the most popular and effective novice weight lifting programs with 1000’s of success stories to back them up
  • Why hyped-up infomercial workouts are not effective long-term strength solutions
  • And much more…


Image by Gregor Winter by Creative Commons License

Coming Soon… The Noob Gains Podcast

Noob Gains Podcast

Noob Gains Podcast LogoSo, I know NoobGains.com looks as busy as a Planet Fitness on Thanksgiving, but I’m very excited to announce the coming of the official Noob Gains podcast!

I’ve actually already recorded my very first episode, but I have to take care of all the trivial things like uploading files, getting listed in iTunes, and shrinking my head back to normal proportions.

The premise of the show is simple…

It’s all about novice muscle building, primarily through barbell training.

Now don’t get me wrong. Training… is only a single slice in a very large pie.

I’ll be covering training, diet, recovery, psychology, motivation, programs, eating protocols, the fitness industry, and anything else that I think is important for a noob to understand to make gains.

Additionally, I want to respond directly to you regarding any specific beginner questions that you might have about anything related to building muscle or getting a lean, fit bod.

You can submit your questions over on my Contact page.

And if you want to be notified when the first episode is posted, join the email list either on my About or Fitness Tools pages.

I’m psyched to start talking to myself over a microphone and I’m really going to enjoy providing you with some very helpful strategies for you to start making noob gains.