Starting Strength Review

Starting strength review lifter


One of the most popular beginner strength training programs is Starting Strength.

Funny enough, it’s also one of the most ridiculed routines by experienced bodybuilders and powerlifters alike.

Personally, I think most people completely miss the whole concept of who Starting Strength is targeted for and that’s why it gets so much unnecessary criticism, when in reality, it deserves a lot of praise.

Now, I’m not going to tell you this routine is for you because it definitely has some negative aspects…

…But, I will explain why it’s so misunderstood as you continue reading my Starting Strength review.

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Revealed: How Much Muscle Can You Gain in a Week?

If you’re asking the question of how much muscle can you gain in a week, I know you’re just itching to become a beast overnight?

And you’re hoping that my answer will be… DEFINITELY BRO!

Well, despite what you may have heard in the latest hyped fitness commercial, building muscle isn’t fast…

But… for a noob like you… it’s not really slow either.

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12 Experts Say How Much Protein to Build Muscle

How much protein to build muscle


One of the most popular buzzwords when it comes to building muscle is… protein.

Protein this, protein that, protein shakes, protein bars, protein pancakes.

We get it.

So, if you want to get bigger, gain strength, or meet some other goal, what’s the answer to “how much protein to build muscle”?

Well… it depends and 12 other fitness gurus will give similar advice.

Just keep reading (or watch this video) and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

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The Lazy (But Effective) Way to Warm Up Before Your Workout

Warm Up Before WorkoutSo, you’re ready to finally do some training.

You put on your shoes, tie back your gnarly dew rag, and it’s time to chalk up and bench press, right?


If there’s one thing that has a direct impact on your performance (just as much as your rep/set scheme) it’s the warm up before your workout.

I’m actually surprised at how many sites recommend a long routine that covers all your joints and muscles.

For example, The Every Warm-up Exercise Routine Extravaganza.

…but I have a different view that not only saves times but is much more effective at getting you ready for your lifts.  Continue reading “The Lazy (But Effective) Way to Warm Up Before Your Workout”