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When I started my muscle-building journey, I really had no idea what exercises were important (let alone how to properly squat).

I actually worked out with one of my close friends in high school who was on the football team and in most cases, I just did what he did.

Little did I know… the barbell squat is a powerful exercise.

Unlike what most noobs think, it’s not just a general lift to work your legs.

In fact, some of the greatest strength-training coaches in the world swear by the squat as the single most important lift to include in your program.

Think about it.

There’s a reason powerlifting competitions include the squat instead of… curls.

If You’re a Guy, it’s a Good Start to Strength and Size

For guys, the squat is one of the best movements to pack on solid muscle meat and improve overall strength so you not only look stronger, but are stronger.

And it’s been proven over and over again that one of the most reliable indicators of overall strength is the ability to squat.

Plus, do you want to be this guy?

Skinny Legs Guy
Leg day, bro?

Granted, you don’t really need to squat forever.

I highly recommend that every single noob start their muscle-building journey with a program that includes squats, but as your goals change, excessive leg development might not make sense anymore.

I know they didn’t for me, that’s why I eventually dropped them from my routine as my goals changed.

If You’re a Girl, it’s the Ultimate Ass-Shaper

Have you ever seen another chick who’s really thin, but has an ass flatter than a fast food burger patty?

It’s most likely because she didn’t do her squats.

For gals, you’ll also build great strength, but it really forms and lifts that butt into something that will make all your retail store co-workers jealous.

Girl Before and After Squats

I Thought about Creating My Own “How to Properly Squat” Tutorial For You

It seems like the logical next step for any fitness blogger or podcaster is to create a series of training videos.

Each would be me, filming myself, doing exercises.

Because… why the hell not, right?

But it’s Been Done Hundreds of Times

After thinking about it for awhile, I came to the realization that it would be completely moronic for me to put out my own squat tutorial.

I could log onto the internet, bang my head off the keyboard, and return at least a dozen vids that would do a much better job at explaining the mechanics of the squat than I could.

Plus, the coaches, experts, and personal trainers in those videos have decades more experience than me in explaining these concepts… why try to reinvent the wheel?

Instead I Decided to Compile a List of Quality Squat Videos

Sometimes the service isn’t in the creation, but instead in the elbow grease.

I decided I would comb through a few hundred online tutorials explaining what they consider to be perfect squat form and create a giant list.

This way, I’d still be able to provide a valuable resource to those seeking to learn how to perform the exercise safely.

Finding You “Quality” Videos was Difficult

It’s not until you visit the landfill that you realize just how much garbage there actually is.

I mean, yea, you can go to YouTube or Vimeo and do a basic search for “how to squat” and at least find a few solid lessons.

Alternatively, the others have a lot to be desired.

I Started with about 300 Videos

I went to YouTube, punched in “how to barbell squat”, and let the results roll into my browser.

Of course, my results needed a little refining considering many of them were just general information on the importance of the squat and how to prevent mistakes…

…but what I really wanted were step-by-step tutorials on the proper way to do a squat.

Potato Quality Videos were Cut

Sorry to whomever made those vids, but even a standard smartphone camera can film a decent three to four minute clip.

Seriously, the pixelation …it’s like these videos were hosted by anonymous murder witnesses on dateline.

And I Cut All the Videos with Just… Poor Advice

By “poor advice”, I mean any tips or instructions given that are either misleading or dangerous.

Believe it or not, most people with a video camera don’t actually know how to properly do squats.

For Example, Most People Don’t Address Depth

Depending on your goals and how much leg development you want to receive, the depth you reach during the squat will make a big difference.

1. Quarter Squats

This is when there’s barely a slight angle in the knee and you drop less than a foot.

If your goal is to see little to no leg development and you want to just pack on a bunch of plates to show off, this is the depth for you.

Seriously, there’s almost no reason for you to attempt a squat if you’re just going to drop a quarter of the distance (just ask this guy…)

2. Half Squats

This is when you squat down somewhere between quarter depth and parallel.

I know I’m going to get a lot of shit for this, but I believe in some cases, half squats are acceptable.

At one point, I was having pain in my quadriceps tendons (right about the knee) and I had to see a sports physician because of it.

He not only worked out the pain in my tendons, but helped me learn how to properly do a squat.

During my recovery phase, he encouraged me to perform half squats to continue building my quads until I could squat lower without pain.

Expect this depth to develop your quads, but almost completely neglect your hamstrings and glutes.

3. Parallel Depth

This is when your hip joint is in line with your knee joint and is considered the safest depth to achieve.

The reason is because anything higher neglects full leg development (i.e., hamstrings and glutes) and as you progress and lift heavier, you’re more prone to injury when it’s up to your quads to handle the load on their own.

That’s why for full leg development and safety with heavier weights, hitting parallel depth is best.

4. Full Depth (Ass to Grass)

This is simply dropping your ass as low as you can (i.e., below parallel) before attempting to ascend.

For the average lifter, this is unnecessary, but for aspiring powerlifters, this depth may be a requirement in certain competing federations.

Even more leg activation takes place at the very bottom, but again… not necessary for the average lifter.

Then There’s Bar Placement

In most cases, the high bar position was assumed since they encouraged the viewer to set the bar on their traps.

One chick even had the bar resting on her neck (shudder).

But again, this subtle difference in bar placement leads me to another point.

A. Place the Bar on Your Traps for a High Bar Squat

This is the most commonly-accepted form of squatting and it’s probably because the placement doesn’t require a lot of explanation or coaching to get right.

You simply find the meaty part of your traps and dig the bar in.

B. Place the Bar Across the Deltoids for a Low Bar Squat

The only set-up difference between a high and low bar squat is that the bar is lower on the back.

You can actually create this little “shelf” that holds the bar in place using your upper back muscles for low bar placements.

The low bar set-up allows you to move a little more weight and requires you to lean forward at the hips a little more during the entire movement, but in general it’s a matter of preference.

When I was squatting consistently, I tried transitioning to low bar only because my legs are freakishly long and I have a natural tendency to shift the weight over my knees.

The low bar set-up helps me keep the weight centered over my heels and push the weight more efficiently.

With All That Being Said, Here is the List…

These are honest videos that actually attempt to break down how to properly squat high bar in a simple and accurate way.

Watching all those videos gave me good perspective on form, placement, and how everyone’s explanations could be so different, but also very true to the lift.

Props to anyone who made it on the list.

  1. How To: Deep Barbell Back Squat – ScottHermanFitness
  2. How to Squat Properly (MAJOR FORM FIX!) – ATHLEAN-X
  3. How to Perform the Squat – Proper Squats Form & Technique – Buff Dudes
  4. How To Squat With Proper Form – CanditoTrainingHQ
  5. How to Properly High Bar Squat (Olympic Style) – OmarIsuf
  6. Untamed Strength: “How To” SQUAT – High bar/Low bar – Alan Thrall
  7. How to: Back Squat – Peachy Peach
  8. How to Do a Squat | Gym Workout – Howcast
  9. The Squat: High Bar and Low Bar Back Squat – Technique WOD – Barbell Shrugged
  10. Lower Body Exercises : How to Do Squats Without Hurting Your Knees & Lower Back – expertvillage
  11. How to Do Barbell Full Squats – LIVESTRONG.COM
  12. How to set up approach the squat rack – O.B. Training & Sports Performance
  14. Back Squat Bar Placement – GPP Fitness
  15. CrossFit Training How To Perform a High Bar and Low Bar Back Squat, la – Bob Weeks
  16. How to Do Deep Squats – LIVESTRONG.COM
  17. Back Squat Tutorial – How to Set up and perform a good rep – Speed Power Fitness
  18. HOW TO SQUAT FOR SIZE ft. Bradley Martyn – Barbell Brigade
  19. How to Back Squat – Arch City Fitness – CrossFit Xtra Mile–Central
  20. How to do a Back Squat – VENT Fitness Friday | Clifton Park, NY – VENTfitness
  21. Personal Training Workout Tips & Drills : How to do Squats – expertvillage
  22. How To Squat – Form Tutorial – jhashey
  23. How to Squat Correctly: Foot Position – Jump Science
  24. How to Do a High Bar Back Squat – Criticalbench
  25. How to: Barbell Back Squat – Dmitry Fedorishchev
  26. CrossFit High Bar Back Squat – Proper execution and How To – Chrono Crossfit
  27. Back Squat – How to Demonstration – Fitness By Travis
  28. Mass Nutrition – How to perform the back squat correctly – massnutritionoz
  29. Mark Rippetoe: Intro to the Squat – Tim Donahey
  30. How To Squat With Proper Form The True Power Squat – Aaron Lipsey
  31. How to Squat – Full Squat vs Parallel Squat – LegendaryStrength
  32. How to Squat: Squat Form and Common Mistakes – Sebastian Mok
  33. How to Squat Correctly (3 Rules for Proper Squat Form & Technique) – physicaltherapyvideo
  34. LSU Tigers Coach Tom Moffitt Back Squat Football Workout – STACK Football
  35. CrossFit Back Squat – Northstate CrossFit – Northstate CrossFit
  36. How To Squat Correctly: Learn From a Strength Coach – Premier Fitness Systems
  37. Squat Instructional Video – In The Gym With Team MassiveJoes – MassiveJoes.com How to Back Squat – MassiveJoes.com
  38. Chris Leathers of YWF shows how to do a barbell back squat. Emmit Peisert of Marian Central does the – Shaw Admin
  39. Fitness Tips with Chrissy Zmijewski: The Barbell Squat – Chrissy Zmijewski
  40. Back squats – LIVESTRONG.COM
  41. EPIQ – Back Squats with Amelia Boone #WorkoutWednesday – EPIQ
  42. How to Perform a Barbell Squat – JuggernautFitnessTV

How Can I Make this List Better For You?

Is there a video missing that you think I should include?

Comment and let me know.

I want this list to be a good resource for all noobs to reference when trying to locate “quality” videos on proper squat form.

However, I Wanted to Offer You More

Again, I didn’t want to make a generic “how to squat” tutorial because everyone and their mother already did it.

Also, forming this list and just saying “Here you go!” doesn’t seem very helpful either.

See, I know exactly how you feel.

When I first started barbell training, I had no idea how to do any of these exercises and I thought I was going to injure myself every day.

That was until I discovered the mental and physical cues that completely changed my mindset about the exercise.

In a matter of weeks, my squat numbers were climbing through the roof!

I Created a “Cheat Sheet” So You Don’t Waste Time Trying to Master the Squat

Yea, I formed a cool video list for you, but do you really want to go through each one and try to find all the similarities?

I wouldn’t… even though I did it already.

That’s why I thought I would compile a list of the most common and effective squat cues used to trigger the correct motor patterns necessary for squatting like a pro.

How to Get it for Free

Click here to download my “How to High Bar Squat Cheat Sheet”.

And get this… I don’t even want your email address for it.

Just click that link and there you go.

Inside this report, you’ll find:

  • The powerful techniques used to launch your ass out of the bottom position like a rocket.
  • Answers to grip width, stance, and back arching so you’re never confused when you approach the bar.
  • The single most important tip promoted by dozens of strength coaches and personal trainers so you can completely lock into the squat stance perfectly each time.
  • And a bunch of other stuff…

Unless someone else decided to waste an entire Saturday watching numerous videos explaining how to squat… you’re not going to find this anywhere else.

You can have this for free.

You’ll be saving yourself time and injury. Your body will thank you.

I plan on creating other things like this in the future, so keep a lookout!

To your gains,

Kyle Hoffman Headshot

P.S. Making another squat video my subscribers to watch just didn’t sound like a good idea.

That’s why I formed list some of the best squat tutorials I found, watched them, and summarized their best points.

And if you want more information on what this report contains, check this out.

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