The Recommended Carb Intake to Build Muscle

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When people talk about losing weight or getting shred, automatically, there’s a lot of talk about going “low carb.”

Is this always the right direction? In many cases, no.

So, how many carbs should you have a day?

Actually, if you first calculate your calorie intake, and then your macronutrients in a very specific order, your recommended carb intake is truly a no-brainer.

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Kinobody Greek God Program Review (Bonus: Greg’s Origin Story)

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In recent years, Kinobody has gained popularity in the fitness industry with its suite of Hollywood physique-based programs including the Greek God Program.

I decided to review this program and let you know whether it’s truly effective for a novice.

Also, I have a little bit of an origin story regarding Greg O’ Gallagher and his muscle building site that a lot of people probably don’t know.

Did you know that Greg and myself used to be part of an exclusive mastermind group focused on creating authority fitness websites?

Keep reading if you want the whole story.

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How Many Grams of Fat a Day to Build Muscle?

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Don’t eat any fat in your diet because it’ll make you fat.

Good night everybody! *walks off stage*

Whoops, that’s a blatant, and obnoxious lie.

Fat is an essential macronutrient that you definitely need to include in your meal plan, however like everything else, there are limits to how much you should and should not eat.

So, how many grams of fat a day should you eat so you can enjoy your diet, but still turn into a muscle beast?

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9 Point Checklist: Improve Bench Press Overnight

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Here’s a statistic that I just made up…

Approximately 50% of guys bench pressing in your gym are doing it with garbage technique.

OK, so even though I made that up… you KNOW there are a group of guys that go to your gym RIGHT NOW that bench press like morons.

Just being honest.

The only reason it looks like they’re lifting so much is because they’re only pressing a few inches at a time, relying on a ton of momentum, or they’re only one workout away from snapping their shoulders up.

Now, you may not know this, but you don’t have to cheat at the bench press to lift some impressive weight.

That’s why I created this 9-point checklist to explain how I set my body up for this common lift and how you can use this list to improve bench press technique immediately.

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A Suicide Squad Lesson on Gaining Muscle

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Take a filthy group of supervillains, focus their odd and sadistic skills, and throw them on a mission to die.

Kinda sounds like my gym life.

I can practically HEAR your eyebrows raising right now.

Well, I may not be able to shoot a gun, or whip a boomerang very well, but the Suicide Squad has a real underdog story about fighting a hopeless fight.

And I’m betting you or someone just like you is feeling this way, right now, about your body transformation.

You might feel like there’s no hope. You might feel like you have no allies. You also feel like you can’t come back from previous mistakes.

Well, I’d like to share an important lesson about building muscle that I think the Suicide Squad really makes the best example.

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