5 Pillars of Muscle Building Pt 1 – Training

Beginner WeightLifting Routine

Are you completely clueless about how to train to build muscle?

Do you feel like you’ve been making zero progress lifting random weights in the gym?

In the first episode of the Noob Gains podcast, I explain what makes a novice muscle building program effective in comparison to other useless forms of weight training.


In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Why refusing to follow a program could be the biggest mistake you make
  • The difference between beginner, intermediate, and advanced programs and why training for your fitness level makes the fastest progress
  • Some of the most popular and effective novice weight lifting programs with 1000’s of success stories to back them up
  • Why hyped-up infomercial workouts are not effective long-term strength solutions
  • And much more…


Image by Gregor Winter by Creative Commons License

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